Tuning last-minute details for the grand opening of the new Convention Center of the Real InterContinental Hotel

miƩrcoles, diciembre 11, 2013

The expansion of “Real” Ballrooms 1 and 2 is the culmination of a new complex of convention rooms for large-scale events and meetings.

June 12, 2013. After several months of continuous work and construction, Real Hotels & Resorts made a presentation today of the progress achieved in the construction of the new “Real” Ballroom, which will complement the Convention Center of the Real InterContinental Hotel in San José, Costa Rica. The work will be completed next July 28, with a total area of 2,000 m² of construction and capacity for more than 2,000 persons.

With the opening of this new ballroom, the Real InterContinental Hotel in Costa Rica becomes a new center of city entertainment alternatives, where you will be able to find from a deluxe Spa and a large gym to a new swimming pool and 4 thematic restaurants that offer an ample gastronomic variety.

Under the concept of “The Place to Be”, announced last year by Fernando Poma, Vice President of Real Hotels & Resorts, “the opening of these new ballrooms successfully completes our concept of becoming a large entertainment center, and also means a great opportunity for the country to attract virgin market in the field of organization of large congresses and seminars”, Poma added.

All rooms have state-of-the-art technology and wireless Internet. Each space is flexible and versatile, because all rooms have modular partitions, thus allowing to change the size of the room in order to meet the needs of the organizer.

The versatility offered by this new convention and entertainment center makes it one of the most novel options in the country for organization of small and large-scale events, also providing the chance to be more competitive to attract businesses at international level.

In order to meet the demand in food and beverage services, the Real InterContinental Hotel created new jobs, including new Chefs and service personnel, and obtained new household equipment and furniture, directed to the needs and demands of the modern world. Furthermore, the Hotel will offer a versatile menu that will be able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

The “Real” Ballroom is also a door to hold new cultural, art and fashion events. With a ceiling 6.5 meters high and an outdoors terrace with an area of 400 m², it will be a new stage for the holding of fashion shows, displays and exhibits that may have a big impact on the country.

The architecture firms RTKL and Pat Murphy, specialized in interior design, were in charge of all the construction and remodeling work. “Customized wall candelabra and hanging chandeliers combine the use of rows of clear crystal and amber spheres with LED-TECHNOLOGY LIGHTING, which add flashes and a dramatic environment to any activity”, Murphy said.

The general use of LED technology highlights the elegant architecture and wooden craftwork of the whole room. The fine brass finishes and the organic rug complement the modern design created for the holding of any type of event, from social gatherings to corporate events.

The design of the new Foyer permits to expand the area to an open outdoor yard which may be used for formal and casual events. This outdoor yard has an integrated and vertical drip irrigation system with living walls, which will undoubtedly provide texture to this intimate space.

For Ramón Diago, General Manager of the Real InterContinental Costa Rica, the opening of this large ballroom means significant position for the country in terms of corporate meetings and activities. “This has been one of the main requests repeatedly expressed by the tourism, corporate and convention industry, through chambers and organizers of business events”, Diago added.

Another aspect taking into account in the construction of the “Real” Ballroom was the parking space demand. At this time, the Real InterContinental Hotel provides more than 300 spaces, which will be complemented with parking valet service, also offering the possibility of enabling parking spaces in Plaza Roble and Multiplaza, both of the same developer.

About Real Hotels & Resorts

In 1971, the Poma Group made the decision to expand into the hotel industry, opening in 1972 the first 5-star hotel in El Salvador and a multiple-use complex that included a mall and an office tower. A second 5-star hotel was built in the nineties, this time in Costa Rica.

Taking advantage of the experience gained with these two projects, the Poma Group organized Real Hotels & Resorts in 1994. Over the years, Real Hotels & Resorts has become a factor of constant dynamism for the hotel and tourism development in the region, operating three reputable international brands: InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott International and Choice Hotels International.

Real Hotels & Resorts operates, franchises and owns 28 hotels in Central America, United States, Mexico, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Colombia; generating around 5,000 direct jobs. The Real Hotels & Resorts division is the largest hotel group in the region and one of the most important in Latin America.